The War Studies Seminar at the University of Birmingham

I have just recieved the list of this years seminar programme. It is as follows:

Autumn term

12 October: Mr Andrew Lonergan (Western Front Association), ‘The experiences of a New Army Division: the 21st Division at War, 1914-1918’

19 October: Dr Spencer Jones (University of Wolverhampton), ‘The thin khaki line: British infantry and the dilemma of extension, 1899 – 1914

26 October: SP

2 November : Dr Michael Finch (University of Birmingham), ‘Gallieni-Lyautey Method and pacification campaigning’

16 November: Mr John Alexander (University of Birmingham), ‘Combined Action: RAF counter-insurgency operations during the Arab revolt’

23 November: Prof Gary Sheffield (University of Birmingham), ‘The British soldier in the Second World War- the experience of combat’

30 November: Dr Kim Wagner (University of Birmingham), ‘Outlaws and patriots: guerrilla warfare in seventeenth-century Denmark’

7 December: Dr James Kitchen (King’s College, London), ‘Field Marshal Allenby: leader, commander, and legend’

Spring term

25 January: Lt Col Simon Higgens, ‘Haldane’s army reforms reassessed’

1 February: Dr Simon Rofe (University of Leicester), ‘Franklin Roosevelt: “pre-war post war” planning and US national interests’

8 February: Dr Alisa Miller (Guild HE), ‘Teaching the First World War in Great Britain, 1919 – 1939’

15 February: Mrs Linda Parker (University of Birmingham), ‘Frontline reformists: British army chaplains, the Great War and post-war controversies’

1 March: I. Shields (University of Cambridge), ‘Airpower and ethics’

8 March: Dr Pierre Purseigle (University of Birmingham), ‘Redundancy in wartime mobilization: the case of the Volunteer Training Corps, 1914-1918’

15 March: Dr David Jordan (King’s College London), ‘New perspectives on the Battle of Britain’

22 March: Dr Claire Launchbury (Royal Holloway), ‘Music, poetry, propaganda: constructing French cultural soundscapes at the BBC during the Second World War’

Summer term

10 May: John Terraine Lecture. Prof. Brian Holden Reid. Title tbc.

17 May: Dr Jenny MacLeod (Hull University) ‘A comparative analysis of British national war memorials’

24 May: Dr Dan Branch (University of Warwick), ‘Who killed J.M.? Assassination, power and dissent in post-colonial Kenya’

7 June: Dr Peter Gray (University of Birmingham), ‘Official squeamishness- the Bomber Command campaign medal saga’

14 June: Mr. Andrew Vail (University of Birmingham), ‘Birmingham Nonconformists and the First World War’

The Seminar meets on TUESDAYS at 5.30 p.m. in Lecture Room 3, 1st Floor, Arts Building, University of Birmingham

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