New Contributors…

We are pleased to welcome two new contributors to the blog, Andrew Limm and Andrew Duncan. The expansion in contributors will hopefully lead to a diversification in the posts that you see here on the blog.

Andrew Limm is reading for an MPhil at the University of Birmingham where he is focusing on the experience of the British army in the Low Countries in 1793-1814 under the supervison of Dr Michael Snape. Andrew is particularly interested in amphibious operations and is keen to analyse the importance of the Low Countries in shaping British strategy. Andrew completed his bachelor degree in War Studies at Birmingham in the summer of 2010 and hopes to progress on to study for a PhD.

Andrew Duncan is a PhD student, researching the education of British army officers 1900-1914, and the influence this had on the conduct of operations in the first year of the war. He is working under the supervision of Professor Gary Sheffield.

Andrew read Modern History at undergraduate and Masters level at the University of St Andrews, focusing increasingly on military history as his studies went on. He concluded his time there by writing an M.Litt. dissertation on the development of the British Army’s medical services between the Crimea and the First World War.

We hope to see more of their views in the not too distant future.

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