Podcasts at the IWM First World War Centenary Website

In the build up to the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War the Imperial War Museum has launched a new website. It is part of partnership to commemorate the events. As the site states:

2014-2018 marks 100 years since First World War. This was not only a pivotal time in world history but also marks the beginning of the Imperial War Museum’s history as we were originally established in 1917 to collect and display material relating to the Great War, which was still being fought.

The Imperial War Museum (IWM) will mark the occasion through a vibrant programme that includes the opening of the new permanent First World War galleries at IWM London, a temporary exhibition at IWM North, learning activities in all branches, family history events, loans to other Museums and institutions, performances, broadcasting, retail products, publications and digital outputs. Several of these activities will be produced in partnership with other national and international organisations.

It has some useful resources. The best of which appears to the podcasts that are being posted on the site. So far there have been three. Each of which have examined some aspect of the wars outbreak.

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