Forthcoming Book Reviews

I am pleased to announce that thanks to the generous support of Casemate Publishing we will be seeing more book reviews in the coming months. The first four reviews will be:

Niklas Zetterling and Michael Tamelander, Bismarck: The Final Days of Germany’s Greatest Battleship (Casemate Publishing, 2009) – Reviewed by Ross Mahoney

Christopher Moore-Bick, Playing the Game: The British Junior Infantry Officer on the Western Front, 1914-1918 (Helion,  2011) – Reviewed by Andrew Duncan

Ralph Whitehead, The Other Side of the Wire: With the German XIV Reserve Corps on the Somme, September 1914-June 1916 (Helion, 2010) – Reviewed by Stuart Mitchell

John English, Patton’s Peers: The Forgotten Allied Field Army Commanders of the Western Front, 1944-45 (Stackpole, 2009) – Reviewed by Professor Gary Sheffield

This is the start of a more regular feature for the blog that we hope readers will enjoy.

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