New Blogs…

It is always good to see new blogs from students working in the War Studies field. As I have noted elsewhere, this medium is an excellent way of engaging with like-minded individuals. This time around, we have two new blogs from the opposite end of the academic spectrum.

First up we have a blog from Simon Moody who is an AHRC funded PhD candidate at he University of Liverpool. He is working on the British Army in the 1950s and its experience with tactical nuclear weapons. Given that, NATO strategy in this period was predicated on a massive retaliatory strike in the face of any Warsaw Pact invasion this should be an interest topic to see evolve. I am particular interested given the RAF’s deployment of nuclear weapons in RAF Germany, and the services role as Britain’s strategic nuclear deterrent in the period.

At the other end of the scale, we have a group blog from the undergraduate students on the War Studies course at the University of Birmingham. It is good to see them get together to promote their course. The range of topics that they will bring to the table should be impressive. I am particularly pleased to see them talk about their dissertation topics. Blogs can be an excellent way of getting feedback.

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