New Journal – Journal of Military Operations

It is always nice to see a new journal in the War Studies field. The IJ Group, which produces the Infinity Journal, is launching a new journal called the Journal of Military Operations. The first edition will be out this autumn. The Infinity Journal is a very well produced publication so this bodes well for this journal. So far, the general description is that is a journal about discussion on the ‘conduct of war’. It will be interesting to see how they expand upon this idea and what they envisage it to encompass. Here are some details about it:

Editor: Jim Storr

Associate Editor: William F Owen

Publisher: A E Stahl

Editorial Advisory Panel:

General Sir Rupert Smith

Lieutenant General Sir John Kiszely

Major General Julian Thompson

Brigadier Justin Kelly

Professor Gary Sheffield

Colonel Clint Ancker

Colonel Mike Crawshaw

Colonel John Wilson

Dr Eado Hecht

Professor Karen Carr

Here are some of the articles that they have got lined up:

  • Sergio Miller, on comparisons between the Afghan National Army and the Army of the Republic of Vietnam
  • David Benest, on airborne operations in the 21st Century
  • Peter Caddick-Adams, on the lessons of Cassino
  • Matthew Whitchurch, on urban operations
  • Simon Anglim, on Orde Wingate and lessons for the future
  • Doron Almog, on the command and leadership of a parachute battalion in war
  • Anna Maria Brudenell, on value targeting;
  • Richard Iron, on COIN in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Adam Elkus, on deception and denial

To keep up to date about the journal you can ‘like’ it’s page on Facebook.


11 responses to “New Journal – Journal of Military Operations

  1. Thanks for that. I had missed the existence of the Infinity Journal. I have now signed up for it, and am looking forward to the publication of the Journal of Military Operations

  2. This sounds good. I would be keen to know whether the remit covers the planning of operations, both on an abstract and practical level.

    • Simon,

      Thank you. In round terms, if it’s about Warfare, it’s relevant to ‘Military Operations’. We are very much interested in planning military operations, and very much interested in the practicalities. At the risk of placing an advert here, can I suggest you look at our website ( and look at the guidance contained there.


      Jim Storr

  3. Jim,

    No problem about advertising what seems like a great start for the journal. If you want me to post anything on here (maybe your editorial to the first edition) then please just let me know.


    • Ross,

      Happy to post the first half of the editorial. Should I send it to you separately as an attachment? or cut & paste here?

  4. I’m sure Jim will comments on this but to quote from their webpage:

    ‘The Journal of Military Operations, otherwise known as Military Operations, is an online peer-reviewed publication concerned with warfare, the conduct of war.’

    So yes it appears it is a peer-reviewed journal.

    • Our peer review panel consists of officers from the rank of General to Major, two professors and a doctor. It includes three full colonels: one is the head of the US Army’s combined arms doctrine directorate; the other two are both ex-editors of the British Army Review. The lieutenant general and the major general also have honorary chairs.

      I really would suggest that readers go to our website before asking further questions on this blog.

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