Guest Post – Editorial from the Journal of Military Operations

This is a guest post from Dr Jim Storr, editor of the newly launched Journal of Military Operations. This appears to be an excellent addition to the field and I wish it all the best, and I may even submit an article! It is free to register and download each edition.



Welcome to this first edition of Military Operations.

War is important. War changes the fate of nations and, at times, whole continents. Warfare is the conduct of war; so it, too, is highly important. So, one would expect to find many good and well produced publications about warfare.

There was clearly something missing from the marketplace. We looked for a good, readable publication which discussed warfare. We found nothing. We found several good in-house army journals which did many things; all of them understandable from the perspective of the organisation concerned, but which rarely talked about warfare. We found a few other high-quality journals which talked a lot about security and international relations; but rarely talked about warfare. We found some first-class academic history journals. Some of them talked about the history of war, and occasionally about warfare in history. But we found no single publication which focuses on how armed forces do, and should, fight wars.

We found several extremely capable, knowledgeable, and experienced people who were prepared to spend time advising us. They now form our editorial advisory panel. Between them they have hundreds of years of military experience. They have also undertaken many decades of research, writing and editing on warfare. They have written numerous books and hundreds of articles and papers. They include soldiers and academics; paratroopers and marines; tank and cavalrymen; gunners and sappers. We are most grateful to them for agreeing to help us.

We started asking people to contribute articles. Within just twelve hours we had offers of enough material to fill not just one, but two editions. Twelve hours! There was clearly something missing from the marketplace. Military Operations aims to meet that demand.

Military Operations is about warfare, the conduct of war. It will normally focus on war on land. It aims to foster debate and discussion. We are quite prepared to be contentious. We do not have an institutional line to take. Some of our articles will present just one side of an argument. That is quite deliberate; we will publish them because we believe that the argument should be heard. We will happily publish the other side of the argument, if somebody is prepared to capture and describe it.

A publication such as Military Operations will only be as good as the articles it receives. It will always rely on people writing and submitting high-quality, useful, insightful and (above all) readable articles. That means you! If you have an idea for an article please get in touch with us.

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Journal of Military Operations


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