National Museum of the Royal Navy Research Seminars 2012-2013

Here are some are interesting seminars to be held at the National Museum of the Royal Navy over the coming academic year.

New and established scholars will present their latest academic research, analysis and opinions on their areas of expertise.


10 Oct – ‘Donald’s Navy: The Royal Navy as seen through the work of iconic seaside postcard artist Donald McGill‘, Mr George Malcolmson, NMRN

14 Nov – ‘Carrier aviation versus land-based airpower: the birth of CVA-01, 1963′, Dr Tim Benbow, King’s College London

12 Dec – ‘Blue Water Strategy and Queen Anne’s Navy: The 1711 Expedition to Quebec‘, Dr Adam Lyons, University of Birmingham


9 Jan – ‘“C’est formidable, old boy.” Mountbatten and the British view of the French at Suez, 1956’, Dr Adrian Smith, University of Southampton

13 Feb – The Birth of British Navalism, 1707-1750, Dr James Davey, National Maritime Museum

13 Mar – The Royal Navy and the formulation of the 1981 Defence Review, Dr Edward Hampshire, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

8 May – ‘The Life of Your Fleet’: Volunteers and the Royal Navy during the Great War with France, 1793 – 1815, Mr Jeremiah Dancy, Lady Margret Hall, Oxford

12 Jun – ‘Fisher’s Battlecruisers: Trans-Atlantic Liner Killers or Global Power Projection Centrepieces?’, Cdr Angus Ross RN (Ret), US Naval War College

All seminars will take place in the Princess Royal Gallery, NMRN Portsmouth and are free of charge. All seminars start at 17:30.

Researchers wishing to contribute papers on any aspect of naval history to the 2013-14 seminar series should email a title and a 300-word abstract of their proposed paper, plus a one page CV to Dr Duncan Redford at

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