The Navy Records Society needs You!

Here are details of an interesting project that the Navy Records Society is launching.

The Naval Records Society is proud to the announce a new project, Navy Records Online, an ever-expanding online miscellany of British naval records. This is an exciting step forward in the ability of the NRS to facilitate the research of academics around the world and to allow its members access to naval records held in private collections.

This is also an exciting opportunity for Graduate students as we are currently seeking contributions to our new online archive. If you own, or have discovered an image, diagram, painting, photograph or letter that relates to the Royal Navy and deserves to be made available to those with an interest in naval history all over the world – then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Along with a high-quality photograph of the source, we will be posting a brief context-setting introduction plus a transcription if the source is a letter. This is a great way for graduate students to have their work published by an established and respected academic publisher and made available to researchers world-wide.

If you have a source that you’d like to contribute to the project, or if you don’t but you’d like to get involved, contact Dr Sam Willis, Email NRS , on Facebook, or on Twitter

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