Poll – Employability and Networking Workshop for War Studies PhD Candidates

Following on from our previous poll concerning potential career paths post-PhD, we would like to know whether you would be interested in attending a one day workshop with a focus on employability and networking in our field. The aim is to give PhD candidates working in the broad field of War Studies the opportunity to think about the range of career trajectories that are on offer, as well as networking with fellow students and potential employers.

We cannot go into much detail now, as the event is very much in the planning stage and the subject of a funding application to support it. However, the rough outline is to invite a number of speakers from areas such as academia, Professional Military Education, think tanks, museum and heritage, and government to talk about their professional experience, challenges relating to their careers (REF, publishing etc), and how PhD skills transfer into the wider job market.

We would very much like to hear you thoughts on this and, apart from the talks themselves, what you would like to see at such an event. This may include, for example, the use of break out groups, one to one discussion, a CV workshop, and other types of skills development or training. Please leave comments below. All ideas are welcomed.


4 responses to “Poll – Employability and Networking Workshop for War Studies PhD Candidates

  1. Ryan,

    We are in the very early stages. Indeed, there is not guarantee it will happen as it is dependent on funding (hence the polls). However, the location will either be in London or Birmingham.

  2. Hi Ross,
    Definitely interested, but like Ryan, for me it really would depend on the time and the place. Personally speaking, Brummagem is easier to get to and find accommodation.


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